Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Frugal Decorating!

I really believe that we are all born with talents and skills and into our lives fall perks that others don't have in exactly the same way you do. Maybe you have an innate decorating sense like Deanna and Jeannine or your husband can build things like Kristin's or cooks dinner every night like mine.

Among other things, I believe I possess a, unique-to- me RADAR. Or perhaps I'm emitting some kind of vibe. Whatever it is, it causes people to put very nice things they don't want anymore in my path on the side of the road! I swear I don't know anyone with my luck in this department!

My latest find is this dresser! I had a console table there but it didn't look substantial enough to me. I was thinking how nice it would be to have a dresser there that I could put hats and gloves into.

Lo and behold this gem was on the side of the road! A first I thought I would paint it but then the yellow started to grow on me!

It looks even nicer in person!

In case you are wondering, the Tiffany style lamp on it is from a garage sale ($5) the bowl and pitcher and pictures were gifts and the hydrangea are from Bridget's yard! Even the patchwork heart on the trash picked doorknob is from a garage sale! Everything you see in the picture (except for the actual house!) cost me only $6!!!


Krista said...

I love it!

I wish I had the talent to decorate. My talent lies somewhere between sarcasm and whining. lol

Christine said...

Thanks Krista!

I'm not actually a great decorator! I just find good stuff!

I have some friends who are go gifted like that. I so envy them. In fact, I had one come over to help me set up my living room and it looked so much better than when I set it up alone. If you run into someone with that skill have them over for coffee and ask them questions!!!

lianna26 said...

You certainly have a knack for decorating and finding nice things at a value! I don't do the decorating in our house, except for a few new additions from my business :) Nice job!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

LOVE the dresser, and seriously, I would love to have that talent or magical power, or whatever it is that draws cool stuff to street corners that you happen by -- never happens to me! I want to paint the dresser, but we can talk about that some other time!

Christine said...

Wait until you see it in person. You may like it. It's a softer yellow than the picture appears!

Seriously, I would rather have your decorating know how!

Christine said...

Another reason why we should be life partners!

Unknown said...

I love that!

Here in MD they don't let anybody put anything on the curb. It makes me sad :(

Christine said...

Oh my! How sad! Where does all of the old furniture go to die?????

Unknown said...

All our junk has to go to the dump. Worse, if you don't have a truck to transport it there, you have to pay extra. If you put it on the curb you'll be fined.

This is why there is a wicker loveseat on my patio that I can't stand; I'm sure someone else would love to have this on their own porch, but I can't put it on the curb and I haven't had time to go to the dump.

This and the lack of accessible Wegmans are the two worst things about Maryland :P

Christine said...

I would LOVE a wicker loveseat!

Perhaps you could try Freecycle. I bet someone would be more than happy to come and pick that up!

ChicChick said...

I LOVE this dresser--it's gorgeous. Love your whole area shown in the photo, actually. It's nicely uncluttered but still has a lot of style and personality.

Trashpicked furniture is the best furniture, no question.

Stephanie Griffith said...

Excellent score Christine! Lately I have had that same kind of radar. Its so exciting to find exactly what you want for free or cheap!

Christine said...


I love it finding free stuff. I swear the reason I find good junk is because I look at junk piles. As I'm driving I peer into junk piles whereas other people just think it's a load of junk. People think they never find stuff, but really, I think it's because they never look!