Thursday, July 22, 2010

June 21-June 30, 1910

Civic Holiday
June 21st, 1910

I've been putting off writing this entry because it's long and I can't figure out WHAT ALL it's saying. On one hand I hate missing something long. On the other, I can't look at this little entry any more....He works a little and then they go somewhere and see something. Then they go to some valley for lunch and come home at 7pm... I have no idea....
I did look up Civic Holiday and found out that June 21, 1910 was the first official celebration of Father's Day.

Moving on now.

June 22, 1910

Up home after supper and B--- and his wife drove up at 9:30. 
90 degrees up home.

W. Hot
R. 11

June 23, 1910

Over home to supper & help Pa finish a screen door & printed some pictures. Ray got a bad sore foot. Bess up home. 

W. Fine

R. 11:40

Ray, if you remember, works in a factory too.

June 24, 1910

Worked around the house and we made a form for a roller. Some school teachers up and Brenice Paul's wife & the Homes & Mr Pierce up in their auto.

W. Fine 
R. 11

This is the second time in 2 days that he mentions an auto. I'm assuming this is because it's a  big deal. I don't get the sense that anyone in his immediate family had an auto as they are always taking the "cars" somewhere. This photo is a 1910 Packard, just to give you a point of reference. 

June 25, 1910

All had day off for the Ilion picnic but nobody went. I made a cement roller & at 5 Bess, Kathy, Clara & I joined the rest of Long ------ at church/picture. Danced some.

W. Hot
R. 11:20
Bess felt bad because her ma was sick. 

Bess's mom and Adam's mom both suffer from sickness this year. Don't worry though, both of these ladies live to a ripe old age.

June 26, 1910

Went to SS and up home to dinner & Mr & Mrs K B & I took a car ride to Valley & around --------. 

W. Hot
R. 10

June 27, 1910

Started to hoe the potatoes & developed and printed pictures. 

W. Fine
R. 10

June 28, 1910

Bess and I walked down to Babcocks on Shaley  Grace street & started back at 11:30. Walked. 

W. ------
R. 12:15

It really was crossed out.

June 29, 1910

Over home to supper & Dave up and I hoed potatoes & pulled weeds and washed my aprons. Bess served at a ice cream social at her church & home at 9. 

W. Fine
R. 10:30

June 30, 1910

Shop athletic. I was leading by one point & did 17' 2" in the R & B & Fred Setloff did 17' 7 1/2" & beat me out for the silver medal.  ------- did 16 ft. Before a ------- to --- & a shock to me. Bess and I to the Valley Theater at night.

W. Warm
R. 12:05

Ok now. A shock to him. I really really would like to know WHAT a shock to him would be because he so rarely expresses emotion. He's never been shocked before.

I am impressed with what seem like his long jump ability....

These few entries to close out June were fairly frustrating to transcribe. He is using a fountain pen and his writing is RATHER small and hard to read. He's hot and I imagine him hoeing his potatoes (I imagine he's actually hilling the potatoes) and sweating and writing really small in the evenings. Bess's mom is sick and every day it's hot and that is why he has to help his Dad make a screen door.

I'm rather tired this evening so I cold be projecting a wee bit too much but this all seemed hot and plodding.... (and so so tiny....)

Maybe it will cool off in July.


Krista said...

On one hand, I am surprised that he has so much spare time, but on the other hand I am surprised that he spends so much time working around the house. Well, what I mean is that you tend to think that "back then" they spent all of their time working, so I am surprised that he has so much time to visit with people, play sports, etc... but then, also surprised that he spends so much time doing things that wouldn't take us long at all. We would run to Home Depot for a screen door, for example.

Christine said...

Krista, those are both great observations. I'm actually really surprised he does so much of everything. I mean he doesn't just have a few potatoes. He has a crop back there. And plays sports and socialized. Apparently without TV or Computers or nooks one can get a lot done!

He's also a factory worker. It's not like he's sitting at a desk all day. I've always been under the impression that the lives of factory workers at the turn of the century were anything but pleasant but Adam seems to have a good life.