Sunday, July 18, 2010

June 15th-20th 1910

June 15, 1910

Dave, Ray, Uri & I went to the gym & played hand ball from 6:30-8:15 & it was hot. Sewing club up to the house. 

W. Fine. Hot. 
R. 11

June 16, 1910

Last appearance of Buffalo Bill. & Up to Rev.                          to organize the ------Adult Bible Class. . Dave Pres & I V. Pres. Ed Bachman Sec & Carl Mohr Treaus.

W. warm
R. 11.

After Rev there is a big blank. I wonder if he doesn't know the Rev's name? 

And he finally gets something wrong!!!

 From History
In 1909 Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill joined their two shows under the name "Buffalo Bill's Wild West and Pawnee Bill's Far East", and in 1910 Buffalo Bill's "Farewell Proclamation" appeared in these ads. An ad in the Stockton Evening Mail of October 8, 1910 states that "Buffalo Bill Positively Bids You Good-By". This was followed by similar ads for several years, but he did not actually act out that "Last Good-By" until the show was broke and attached for Sheriff's Sale in July, 1913. 

June 17, 1910

After supper I fixed some screens on the upstairs windows.

W. Fine, Hot
R. 10:15

June 18, 1910

Tumero (that is what it looks like) at the Stadium. I worked around the house and we went to the strawberry supper at B Church. Alice Warner died at 3 am. 

W. Warm
R. 10:15

June 19, 1910

Children's day at church at 10:30 & we all ---- ---. Oscar & I to Kirk Park to see the Colored Requirements at Camp for the parade. Tell & I up to --- & at RT to supper. 

W. warm
R. 11:45

I wish I knew what the heck that all meant....

June 20, 1910

Dave's birthday and I got him a gun case. & after supper I worked in the garden. Bess went to Alice Warner's funeral. 

W. Hot
R. 10

I really should look up this Alice Warner character on to see how old she was. That would give a lot more meaning to the entries and how Bess might be feeling. I mean if Alice Warner is 26 like Bess it would be different than if she was 96. Either way I supposed Bess could be close to her or not, I'm just tired tonight. And then tomorrow I'll be sorry I didn't go and look. I should have probably stopped when I saw the 2 Alice Warner entries so that I could research them a little more. But I'm trying to catch up.

Does it at all surprise you the amount of social activities avaliable to people in 1910? It does me actually.

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