Monday, July 19, 2010

I Got a Little Nookie

The birthday fairy came early!

I had trips the past 2 weekends and I was so excited that I got to take this guy along with me!

I actually settled on the Barnes &  Noble nook. Mostly because of the more streamline look and the fact that it's easier to download library books. I skipped the 3G connection, opting for the wireless only which came to $150.We have wireless at home & I'm hardly anywhere that I would need to quickly download a book without a connection. I also got this snazzy pink cover and a pink book light.

It still feels a little indulgent I've spent $40 on books so far. YIKES. 2 weeks. I'm already over my proposed 1 book a week limit....


Meredith said...

And so it begins......
Just promise that you will still pick up an actual book now and again. :)

Christine said...

Oh I will! As soon as the novelty of buying $9.99 books wears off!

Meredith said...

Well, I guess it could be fun, having a nice new gadget. I admit, I am fond of my laptop.
It doesn't hurt your eyes to read for long periods of time?

Christine said...

No, actually it's quite comfortable. They call it eInk and since it's not backlit like a computer there is no glare or eyestrain. It really looks just like a page.

Unknown said...

Hello, new reader here! New reader with lots of questions about your Nook!!!

How do you 'borrow' from the library? Do you have to physically GO there and plug into something? How much does it cost? How do you find out if your local library participates in this (I'm in Rochester). If it's all wifi and technical and such, I would think you could borrow from any library in the this true?

A library can 'loan' as many copies of a story as possible, right, since there is no physical book to be borrowing and returning?

Is there a way to see what library books are available?

Amazon reviews of the Nook are pretty you think all the kinks are worked out?? Is it a fast page turner? Does the touchscreen respond quickly?

And unrelated....will Dean Butler be showing his new documentary on Laura??

Thanks so much!

Christine said...

Hi Kate! Welcome!!!

Here goes.

1) You can borrow from the Rochester library system. From home, as long as you have a library card. Go to the library site and see the download books feature.

2) You can probably only borrow from libraries that you are a member of.

3) You download the book to your computer and then plug your nook in via USB and move it over that way.

4) The library does have a limit on the ebooks they lend so sometimes you have to put a hold on them like a normal book. You don't have to "return" a lent book, it just expires on your computer.

5) You can see the books avaliable on the library website. You can also download audio books to plan on an iPod if you are so inclined.

6) I imagine Amazon reviews of nook are dismal as the nook is a Barnes and Noble product. If you look on B & N they talk down the Amazon kindle as well. I've seen and used both and they are very very similar but I like the nook better because of the look of it, library book thing and I don't like the kindle buttons that look like a calculator. I have no issues with the touch screen or page turning.

7) Dean Butler-He's not scheduled to show the documentary but he will do a Q & A and then sign books. He knows a fair amount about the real Laura and Almanzo as well. William Anderson, a well known Laura Historian will also give a talk and sign books. I really think his presentation will be as good as Dean's. I have seen the Nellie Olsen and Ma Ingalls Q & A's in the past and they have been alot of fun!

I hope I covered that all! Come back again soon!


Unknown said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Christine!!

If you borrow from the library is it free? How many weeks do you have them for?

How did you get the PINK Nook?? At the B&N site I don't see any color options. Is it a pink skin you purchased extra?

I met Dean and Bill at Malone a few summers ago. Both great guys. Bill is pretty much a hero to me! One of my best friends organized Laurapalooza last week and I'm thinking I'm going to HAVE to go there next time! Last summer I finally got out to the Walnut Grove and De Smet sites. Slept in a covered wagon on the Ingalls' De Smet homesite and everything!!

I wish Alison Arngrim and Karen Grassle were coming to the museum this year!! I'm still on hold for Alison's new autobio, and I just checked the library download section and sadly her book doesn't appear to be on it. :o(

Christine said...


The books are free to download from the library. You can get them out for 7, 14 and 21 days. You choose. After that they expire on the reader on your computer. However, I don't think expire on the nook. You check a book that you will destroy the media when your time is up but I don't think after 21 days or whatever that it will be off your reader automatically.

I've never been to Malone which is crazy because it's close. But I have been to DeSmet. How exciting to sleep in the covered wagon. I would love to do that.

I'm really looking forward to William Anderson.