Sunday, January 6, 2008

Who Needs A Hairdresser?

If you know me and my child, you also know that she's never really had a haircut. She's 3 by the way. (I trimmed it once to even out some weird growing baby hair) but she has REALLY long hair (I think I'm rebelling against the Dorothy Hamill haircut my mom made me get in the 70's.)

She has nice hair, it's very long and wavy now. Recently it developed a huge knot in the back that I have been struggling with. I've tried everything-Lots of conditioner. Johnson's No More Tangles and lots of brushing. Her hair is also too long and she's starting to resemble an Appalachian child who should be wearing a flour sack.

I know she needs a haircut and I have been dragging my feet. I was also all embarrassed about the knot. Besides, I was thinking this evening, I don't really want a different style for her it's pretty as is. I just want it shorter. So after her bath tonight I sat her down and cut her hair. I took off about 3 inches so it is still long- it just looks much neater. It was really easy actually. She had fun playing beauty shop. And it was completely FREE.


Deanna said...

Good for you! I trim the girls' bangs sometimes and I think I trimmed the back of Liv's hair once -- we take her to SuperCuts now, which is inexpensive and then they can worry about brushing her hair -- she likes going there and doesn't give them a hard time, which is great! She had a big know once when we took her -- it was because her hair is so thick and wavy, but it's wavy underneath, so if you don't get through all of her hair every time, it knots up. They were great about brushing it out.

BTW -- I too had the Dorothy Hamill haircut... I will never have THAT again! (Nor will my girls!!)

lightening said...

My kids love me cutting their hair. I keep asking the eldest (boy) if he'd like to go to the hairdresser or have me cut it. I worry he'll grow up hating me for it. But he keeps asking for me to do it. They like that they can watch TV while I do it. And it's a nice time to talk to each other.

I find my DD's hair gets less knots (although still gets plenty) and grows faster with a regular trim. :-)

Well done on doing it yourself. A lot of people are scared to give it a go.

Christine said...

Yes, I was a bit nervous to take a scissors to her head but it was all really simple!

Teamcarbone said...

Very cute, I like the idea of playing beauty salon. I've cute my DD's bangs twice, this last time I went a bit crazy and she looked like a boy for two weeks! Ooops!