Saturday, January 5, 2008

My Cup of Tea!

I love warm beverages in the wintertime. There is nothing I like more than cozying up with a book and a cup of earl grey tea in the afternoon or drinking warm coffee in the morning.

I always make it a point to drink out of something beautiful. For me, this makes the act of drinking even more of a treat.

A bunch of years ago I was in a meeting and noticed that this very caustic woman had a black coffee mug that read "Coffee From Hell" with flames on it. What a surprise. This really spazzy guy had this HUGE green cup that you could take a swim in and most of the people had free vendor mugs. How much do you enjoy your drink in one of those I wondered???? I was struck by the fact that I was always the only person at a meeting actually using a nice cup.

For years I used a handmade mug that Jeannine made. I dropped it in from of another friend. When she saw how sad I was over it she purchased the lovely MacKenzie Childs mug pictured above as a gift for me.

Sometimes I use a Blue Willow Cup and Saucer I got at a garage sale or one of the rooster mugs that my mom got me for a gift one year. The cup doesn't have to be expensive for you to savor the experience. So think about what you drink your morning Joe in, I bet you can make it even better by paying attention to your cup.

And, If it's always a Starbuck's paper cup, then you're probably paying too much for your morning coffee!!!
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Teamcarbone said...

Hmm I never thought about this...I treated myself to some Lady Grey tea, thanks to you I just love, and I usually save it for a special moment. I think next time I'm going to find myself a special mug for that special moment. Thanks!

The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Lovely cup! I agree wholeheartedly -- I don't drink a lot of hot beverages, but if I do, and I'm at home, I like to feel "fancy" and drink them out of one of my Irish coffee glass mugs. I drink a lot of water and I'm very picky about it -- I don't like to drink water out of plastic cups (although, oddly, I will drink it out of plastic bottles -- I refill plastic water bottles and will reuse them literally 100's of times before I dispose of them) -- I prefer a regular glass...

Christine said...

I'm glad you like it!!! I used to save it for a special moment but usually my special moment comes every day about 4pm in the winter!!! Will got me this gourmet Earl Grey for Christmas that I am in LOVE with. HE got it online. I'm going to be so bummed when I finish it up! (Maybe with all the $ I save not buying stuff I'll buy some more) I'll bring you a few the next time I see you!

Simple Blog Writer said...

I love beautiful cups and saucers to use...and I use them daily! I've chipped and broken a few, but that's okay. I'd rather use them than save them.

I admit I do have one big vendor mug that I like. It's not attractive, but it's the perfect shape and the handle feels right.


Christine said...

Ok, I have to admit this! At my MILs house they have this mug that is from a car leasing place. A place I would NEVER go to. The mug is ugly. But it is a great mug to drink out of and feels good in my hands too. So whenever I have coffee there I drink out of it! My MIL keeps trying to give it to me but I really don't want anything like that in my house so I just keep it for use over there! So I too, have been known to drink from a vendor mug!