Monday, January 21, 2008

Library Book Sale

I love going to the library. For me browsing at the library is as good as browsing at Target! And everything you bring home is free!!!

Last week the library had a book sale. Used books, library discards and donations from the community. I have no problem with used books as every book you take out of the library is used anyway. (Take note people who buy me books-I prefer you DO buy used! REALLY, I don't mind!) Why pay new book prices if you don't have to. I also like, Amazon, and eBay for used books. Not that I buy all that many books because I don't. I prefer to let the library store them for me.

However, last week I spent $12.50 at the library book sale. This included:

-8 Little Bear VHS tapes. This for me is the deal of the century. Little Bear is my girlie's favorite show and it is completely kid friendly and nice! I kept 4 and gave my mom 4 for her house.
-1 Madeline Video
-1 Dragon Tales Video for my mom's house.
-5 children's paperback stories
-The Little Princess and The Secret Garden
-2 Books from the Little House On the Prairie Series
and 2 I have been wanting:
-Crockett's Victory Garden and Square Foot Gardening

The square foot gardening book alone would have cost more than $12.50.

Next time you need a book, consider used!


Teresa@Much-A-Do said...

Don't you just love a bargain? Sounds like you hit the jackpot. And even though I use the Lasagna garden method quite happily, I've heard good things about Gardening by the Square Foot. Enjoy! I've stumbled across your blog a couple of weeks ago and just have to tell you I really enjoy it - thanks for sharing with the rest of us who love living frugally and beautifully.

Christine said...

Hi There! I love meeting fellow Bloggers-I just took a quick peek at your blog, can't wait to see a little more!

Oh man! I have been wondering about Lasagna Gardening myself. At this time of year any kind of gardening sounds good! Perhaps I'll check that out at the library tomorrow. I did square foot gardening in my prior home but borrowed the book from a friend. I really liked it a lot.

Come back soon!