Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cheap and Easy!

My husband usually cooks dinner. (I can) I just usually don't. A few nights ago though, I made dinner. Pot roast! It was a perfect dinner for a cold winter evening.

Pot roast is made from Chuck Roast, which is a more economical piece of red meat (if any red mean can be called economical!) It is very tasty when cooked for a long time and tends to fall apart when done right!

It was yummy! I used a recipe from The Pioneer Woman. (I won't re-write it here. You should really visit her site, It's awesome!) It was great! It was cheap as red meat goes and it hardly took any time at all (prep time anyway, it does cook for a while in the oven!)


Stephanie Dray said...

I made Coq Au Vin this weekend, which might sound expensive, but really is not. I was able to use really inexpensive cuts of chicken, cheap cooking wine, and some onions and spices.

Christine said...

You're right-That is a great "fancy" economical dish. We made it once for a dinner party-It was the best chicken we ever had. It took like 3 days to make. Everyone loved it. I think I may need to dig out that recipe!