Sunday, April 17, 2011

Proud of Girl Scout Troop 60570!

I'm so proud of our girl scout troop! The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts recently featured our troop in their Centenary News for 2011. We're featured with girl scouts from all over the world are the only ones from the US!   
I pledge to be nice to everyone

Daisy Girl Scout Troop 60570 in Western New York, USA

Leader Julie Brubaker tells us how her troop celebrated:

I am the leader of the Daisy Girl Scout Troop 60570 in Western New York. We are 15 girls in Kindergarten, all aged five and six years. I follow WAGGGS on facebook and was glad to see the 'I Pledge' photos and get all the ideas and updates about how to celebrate the centenary.

We celebrated the centenary by making the 'I Pledge' shirts. Here is the link to the photo set.

We also completed two of the activities in the Centenary 2011 activity pack - we talked about proper hand-washing (Millennium Development Goal: Preventing diseases) and we made handmade soap. We also participated in the hour without electricity (Millennium Development Goal: Saving the planet) - this activity was also part of our Forever Green Girl Scout project.

Finally, we collected US pennies for the Girl Scouts of Japan from our friends and neighbours and broughy those to the meeting. This is part of the US Daisy Girl Scouts' initiative to collect 1 million pennies for the Girl Scouts of Japan. Our little girls, aged five to seven have trouble understanding what has been happening in Japan, but with this project, we have been able to let them do their part to help, and feel likethey are part of the worldwide community of caring people. See for more information about the project.”

I can't say enough about how fabulous Girl Scouts is for our girls. This year we are working on badges for each petal on the Girl Sout Daisy, each petal represnts demonstration and understanding of one of the Girl Scout laws, which are honest and fair (light blue); friendly and helpful (yellow); considerate and caring (light green); courageous and strong (red); responsible for what I say and do (orange); respect myself and others (purple); respect authority (magenta); use resources wisely (dark green); make the world a better place (rose/pink); and be a sister to every Girl Scout (violet). What more could you want your girl to understand at this point! They are also have a great time getting to know each other and we've planned a bunch of great activities that correspond with their badges. We've seen a police officer, a conductor, been to the museum and visited a Bird of Prey Sanctuary as well as doing a host of activities in our meetings.

I was a girl scout growing up as were the other leaders in the troop (I'm the treasurer) and I'm so excited that my girl gets to have this experience as well.

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