Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wegmans Smoked Salmon, Michael Buble, Guy Who Almost Hit Me Today & Increase Your Hottness

Here Are Some Things I'm Thinking About

Smoked Salmon 

Have I mentioned my love of smoked salmon (Lox, not the kind you get in a gift basket at Christmas from Hickory Farms)  I've always saved it for special occasions. But recently I noticed that Wegmans has their own brand  in their seafood section and being that Wegmans does everything pretty well, I thought I would just try it...You know, to see... For a special occasion. $7.50. What could be the harm. 3 Styles..... OMG...

Oh. My. God. I love this stuff. The quality is so good. It's an ideal breakfast for me because it's delicious, low in calories and has a lot of protein. But a $7.50 package is only 4 oz. I can eat that rather quickly. I've since graduated to the $14.99 package that is 12 oz. At 2 oz a day this would be 6 days worth. But I can eat that package in 5. (and that's only if I hide in in the depths of the fridge so my husband doesn't throw some on his eggs.)  That equates to $3 a day for breakfast. Which doesn't seem  THAT bad until you figure out that an egg is about $.17. I could easily make breakfast for under $1.

I may be overdoing it with the salmon anyway. My husband has mentioned the mercury in fish like this. And that he's afraid I'm going to start glowing in the dark.

Perhaps I'll drop back down to the $7.50 package.

Michael Buble
Does anyone besides me dislike Micheal Buble? Goodness, I can hear you all moaning as you read this with "Oh I LOVE Michael Buble." I know you do. And all of you think he's so darn adorable too. I just can't stomach him. To me, Michael Buble always sounds like he's miserable. Even when he's singing happy songs.... That voice grates on me so much that I don't even think he's cute. Go Home Already Michael Buble. (I realize I'm probably the only one who feels this way.)

To Guy In The Car Who Almost Hit Me Today
To the Guy in the car who pulled out and almost ran right into me because it was obviously very hard to see me in the large green Explorer in broad daylight. You completely deserved the bird I shot you. All I kept thinking was that you almost injured my child's mother... I'm not all that worried about my own mortality and all, but if you leave my kid without a mom because you are texting some dumb buddy of yours, I will be PISSED.

Go To The Gym, Increase Your Hotness.
Today marked the 16th time that I've done the weight circuit at the Y. Most visits I do the elliptical machine after too.  16 is not a milestone or anything (or even that many times) but I'm not a natural exerciser. You know what I find natural? Laying down around 3pm with a good book.  Wake me up at 5.  (not that I really get to do that anymore.... Much...)

Back in August 2 things happened in tandem that, alone, I'm not sure would have lit the fire under me to get me out of bed. 1) I turned 40 and 2) all 4 of our parents landed in the hospital with different ailments (some, completely preventable.) My parent's visit's were rather long. These things all combined to make a perfect storm for me. AKA, scaring the crap out of me....

But like I said, I'm not really a natural exerciser. So it's with some pride (and surprise) that I've gotten myself  there 2-3 times a week since August (The weights started a little later). And some days are harder than others. Which is why I'm mentioning this today. Today, in fact, I thought that getting myself in the car would be enough, but I still felt kind of sluggish about it. Once I got there, I farted around and went to the bathroom and weighed myself (like perhaps I could go home and get out of the whole deal  if it said something really awesome), I think I was 2 machines into the rotation before I came to terms with the fact that I was actually going to do the whole thing....

Even my husband, a natural exerciser, has days like this. And he had one last week, and was mentioning this to a female colleague of his, who gave him the sage advice "Go to the gym, increase your hotness."  And it worked, he went.. Now I don't know if she was using the term "your" to refer to my husband's overall hotness or just as a general term (I know what my husband would say.) but it seemed like a good mantra to adopt and a much easier one to get on board with than "Go to the Gym, Increase your Cardiovascular Heath." or "Do The Weight Machines Because You Are 40 And Should Probably Start Worrying About Bone Density."  And so tonight I'm a little hotter than this morning. And my bone density is probably looking up too.

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