Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Crushes Around The Internet- Dave Ramsey, The Bulletproof Executive, Zac Brown & Luke Bryan

I'm a woman with a lot of crushes. You don't have to be particularly good looking to qualify as long as I find you interesting and compelling.

Lately in the interesting and compelling category.

Dave Ramsey

The king of getting out of debt and paying with CASH! The man who made it possible for me to stay home with my daughter. (ok, that man would actually be my husband but Dave made me belive I could do it...)  I'm reading his new book, Entreleadership, and it's a good one. Same old no nonsense Dave Ramsey telling you how to run your business. I adore Dave and listen to his show almost every day ("It's about your life and your money," )  He keeps me on the financial straight and narrow (barring any smoked salmon emergencies.) He's a nice guy. The dumbest people will call up and you yourself would just wail on the stupidity of these people.  And he's patient and kind and tells them like it is without calling them a complete moron.  I just love me some Dave Ramsey. I listen so much even my daughter can identify his voice.... "The Same Advice Your Grandma Gave You, Only We Keep Our Teeth In."

Dave Asprey, The Bulletproof Executive.

Dave Asprey, is a Silicone Valley Nerd who's doing whatever he can to do just about everything better.... He has a blog, The Bulletproof Executive.   He sleeps less, eats better, performs better and probaly makes more money than you.....He's compelling... He's biohacking his life. Don't know what that is? I didn't either.  I'm not saying I'd do all of the things he's doing but you can't argue with his results.... He's recently introduced me to the joy that is Grass Fed Kerry Gold Irish Butter  (shh.... Don't Tell Dave Ramsey.) and dark chocolate. I sometimes imagine sitting around with him playing dual n-back brain training games and eating Kerry Gold Butter off his fingertips.

Zac Brown.

OMG you gotta love Zac Brown. His music makes me happy happy! Toes can make me chuckle almost any damn day although it's a little disconcerting when your 6 year old asks from the back seat,
"What's roll a big fat one mean?"
"Umm.... I don't know honey, la la la la"

 I find that beard compelling...

I'm not much for concerts or large crowds but if the Zac Brown Band comes anywhere near me. I'm going to be there, swinging my bra over my head.

Ok, I'll probably be wearing my bra but I'll certainly buy a racy one to wave over my head.....

And he doesn't like debt either!!  I think I love this guy. I 

I could knit that man a had and he'd like it.... And you can bet I'd use some hand-spun, hand-dyed expensive ass shit to do it....

Luke Bryan

My music OCD has taken over with Luke Bryan's new song "I Don't Want This Night To End."  I love that deep voice of his and I completely want to climb up on the dusty seat of his truck....I'm rocking this song in the car and at the gym...CONSTANTLY......

This video makes me realize I've never gone to a party in a truck before.... Add that to the bucket list.....

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Sandra said...

Christine, I also did the Dave Ramsay Financial Peace course and as a result I was able to pursue my creative interests, and not return to substitute teaching this past Septmeber. What a great program.