Monday, January 17, 2011


No, I didn't run off with the susage guy.

Here are a few quick things I'm thinking about

1) Life without Cable Update
So it took my daughter over a week to discover that we don't have cable anymore. And then she cried big huge tears over Cat-In The-Hat (which is on PBS, which we still have) and when I told her that she cried about Team Umizoomie. Then we found it online and she watched it once. And I thought she was over it but then she told my mom on me and stated it was "all mommy's fault we don't have cable anymore." It's pretty much been a non-issue since then but I suspect she's still brooding about it and someday when she's older she'll have a 12ft TV with surround sound and a bizillion channels.

On other fronts Football and polotics seem to still be reachable via the internet but I fear a smiliar breakdown with big fat tears when Yankee Baseball starts back up. The reduction in polotical TV has been nice.

2) Shrek The Final Chapter-Cute.
So we went to the library to qwell the cable woes over here and got Shrek, The Final Chapter for this past weekend. We all liked it. Shrek is basically having a mid-life crisis with his wife and 3 kids and no one thinks he's scary anymore. This was a funny movie. And also, strangely poignent. The whole theme centered around " You don't know what you've got till it's gone." We all know that already of course and possibly it's an overdone theme. But it's a theme I personally like, from It's A Wonderful Life to Big Yellow Taxi.

 (We never saw Shrek 2 & 3 but that didn't seem to make a difference.

3) Cat Fight

Evey DAY. My in-laws are in Florida until May and we have inherited their cat once agin for the duration.  This is usually no big deal as she's a pretty low key kitty. Not so anymore.... Not with our Kitten Amelia in the picture. These cats HATE each other. They fight constantly. I'm sick of listening to it. Because she won't eat or use the litter box anywhere NEAR the othe cat, Gracie now has her own loft apartment up in our 3rd floor office complete with food and potty.... Any suggestions would be appreciated.... I completely understand the term Cat Fight now... (Rich & Julie, don't mention it to J & F on the phone, they'll just worry!)

4) New Job

I'm on my 3rd week of my new job (at the museum still) this week. I'm mentally tired peeps. I'm thinking about all kinds of new stuff, and while it's all good, it's tiring.   My husband and my daughter had off today while I went to work. Now that's a change! It's ok though. I love going there. And I'm excited about this job. I'm working 3 days in the office and 2 mornings from home now. It's been like 5 years since I worked this much.... I guess I'm also 5 years older than I was the last time I did this.

5) Adam

I do plan on a final Adam and Bess post. I'm just tired (see #4 above)


Meredith said...

A few quick things:
Life without cable is the best thing we ever did. Congrats on taking the leap and she will get over it. And you won't have to deal with the tween-eyes-half-closed-mouth-half-open-drooling-zombie thing later.
I've got nothing when it comes to Shrek. Never seen them. Would rahter have a chat with the sausage guy.
Sounds like separating the kitties is your best bet. I have had the same problem when I introduce a new cat into my house. How long has the other cat been there? Maybe they will get used to each other after a little while and the winter visits will be less stressful in the future. You could always bribe them with some sausage. It would give you an excuse to go back to the store.
I am glad that you are liking your new job - it sounds great and that you get to work from home is a plus!
Finally, I am looking forward to the last Bess and Adam post. I feel like I have been missing my favorite soap opera, only without murder, infidelity and vicious fighting.
Oh, and... um.....
do you have sausage guys number?

Christine said...

You're cracking me up here!

Re: Cable-It's becoming less of an issue as the time goes by. I did it on the 6th I think, and now it's just normal for her. I really want it to be normal for her not to watch a lot of TV. I've never been a huge TV person(ALthough I will admit to a small obesssion with Supernatural (on DVD)) but my family growing up watched a lot of TV, that's not what I want.

Cat has been here for about the same length of time cable has been gone. They are getting better but the fighting in the middle of the night still sounds horrific!

Maybe Adam and Bess tomorrow night. I have to be in Buffalo tomorrow morning at 9 so I'm off to bed after I write this response to you!!! And yes, it's wonderful that I get some time to work at home and they were able to work with me on that. One thing about working in a non-profit as opposed to a corporate job is the flexibility and more casual atmosphere. And people like their jobs more (usually) and oh yeah, they get paid less too... ;-)

Susauge Guy-I would be too embarrased to have his number!!! Karley (from Chic and Green) told me on Facebook that she whent there to get some susage. I think she went to see the suaage guy... He has a broad chest....

Maybe the cats would do better with a susage bribe!