Monday, June 21, 2010

June 8 -June 11, 1910

June 8, 1910

Sun shining bright and early. Kathy up to supper. Babcock off from 2 to 5 to the state shoot. B, K & I walked around to the new houses & up Roubek-- Hill & sat on our front porch. First nice day in a long time. 

W. Fine. Warm
R. 11

I think the rain has really been getting to him.

June 9, 1910

I picked some cinders after supper and B & I sat on the back porch awhile. 

W. Fine Warm
R. 10:15

June 10, 1910

Went to the gym from work at night & me , Johnny, Roy sch---- & John Oswald played hard ball. I did 
31' 2" in the shot put at noon

W. fair
R. 11:30
Met Bess from home

Shot Put! That's a new one. 

June 11, 1910

Rained hard. Took the car. Worked in the garden & put in 18 tomato plants. Bess sick in the A.M.

W. Fair
R. 10

Really, I think I love this man.  I have 12 tomato plants this year. I wonder what kind he grew. Whatever it was, it probably was not a hybrid and was probably something considered an heirloom today! I really wish he would have said.


Heather said...

I think the earliest tomato hybrids were from the 1880's, so he could very well have been growing hybrids by 1910.

Christine said...

While it is theoretically possible Heather, there is no way this 126 year old soul mate of mine was planting hybrids. ;-)