Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June 3 & 4th 1910

June 3, 1910

We cut the grass in the side yard for the first time. I planted 254 hills of potatoes.

W. Fine. Warmer.
R. 10:30

Just in case you have never planted potatoes before, 254 hills of potatoes is A LOT of potatoes. I did not count but I probably had 20-25 last year and we had a really respectable harvest of potatoes. I would even dig them when they were small for dinner sometimes and we still had a lot in the end.  This year I have a TON of potatoes. I saved some of the La Ratte potatoes from last year so I didn't have to re-order this year. I also picked up a few Yukon Gold at the garden store just to see how those work. The La Ratte is my favorite though. 

In order to to avoid the Irish Potato Famine in my backyard, I rotated where I planted the potatoes this year. Apparently, I did not dig up all of the potatoes last year because now I have plants where they were planted last year as well as where they were planted this year. They are growing in the garlic. They are also growing in my compost pile!! And in my daughter's garden that I'm planting with her. I won't let her dig them up (see post on how I am the worst mommy ever for more confirmation of my meanness.) At least they have nice purple flowers. I probably have 40-50 hills. I'll have to count tomorrow.

Each hill will produce over 5 potatoes (and that is a conservative estimate.) Adam is going to have over 1000 potatoes.

This is especially interesting because I've seen the Ariel view of the street he lives on. The street is laid out in a grid pattern with a typical city size lot.  He's got a crop growing on a city lot.

June 4, 1910

Painted the front porch. Bess helped. Mr. & Mrs. Devett came over from the house. Bess and I up home to supper.

W. Fine, Colder at night
R. 11:30


Meredith said...

That's ALOT of potatoes - even for an irish decendant like me! I guess it just goes to show much much thy really did "put up against winter" in the old days.

Christine said...

I agree. And from the census I have gathered that his father worked in a factory and his grandfather was a blacksmith so it's not even like his family are farmers. He's just a normal factory working planting 254 hills of potatoes.