Monday, January 26, 2009

Mammoth Crocs

Saturday night I was over at Kristin and Michael's house for dinner and Kristin had on her new red Mammoth Crocs! I commented that I was REALLY wanting some but that they were more than I wanted to spend ($40 on the Crocs site and locally!)

She told me she got them on Amazon for $25!

I've purchased a lot of things on line, but never shoes!!! Sunday morning I found some that were various prices. I wanted a khaki or light blue pair. Both were for sale.

I choose the light blue. The Khaki were $24.99, and thus would not quality for free shipping. The light blue were $25.90 and therefore did qualify for free shipping! That made the decision easy!

I got an email today that the Crocs were shipped and will be here by Wednesday! Talk about a painless transaction!


Unknown said...

You must feel like a kid at Christmas waiting for the package! Did it come yet!

Enjoy and welcome to the cartoon foot club! ;)

Christine said...

I got em'!!! Last night and I've hardly taken them off. I think I may want ones for indoor and ones for outdoor (the Khaki would be less obtrusive in public!)

That said I did wear them to preschool this morning with socks and they were warmer than my boots!!

Thanks for the tipoff!!!

Cartoon Feet Unite!

Unknown said...

Yahoo! I know they are the best. hehehe