Monday, January 5, 2009

I didn't buy a lot in 2008

Well my no new stuff year is over!

I didn't post updates for Oct-Dec but it went much the same as the other months. I hardly bought anything new. I fell down a few times but nothing to be ashamed of!

It was a fun challenge for myself and I learned a few things:

1) I probably don't buy a lot of stuff to begin with. I didn't feel like my life had taken a huge departure from what it was normally like in the first place. It did stop little impulse purchases. That was nice. And I can't even remember what kind of stuff it was that I didn't buy so clearly this is not stuff that was worth my time in the first place.

2) Gently used items are the way to go-This summer I went to more Garage Sales than I probably have in my entire life. I do eBay and in the pursuit of inventory I came across more stuff than I would ever use! (I did NOT buy it all of course!) Home decor, Yankee Candles, Garden Implements, Light Fixtures, Children's Clothing. If you want it, I guarantee it's out there. And I guarantee it's cheap. (though I have yet to find a children's wicker set like Jeannine did! Although I did find a darling children's wooden Adirondack chair) I'll post some garage sale wisdom closer to the season this year. But really, if you have a problem with used items you need to consider that once it's at your house, NO ONE can tell the difference. I bought a beautiful large Terra Cotta Pot at an Auction last week. At the garden store this would be at least $30. I got it for $1!!!! It's in perfect condition. With plants, you'll think I bought it new and be jealous of me!

3) I HAVE ENOUGH. I really have enough stuff. I wanted for nothing this past year (Well maybe an electric deer fence) But I actually FOUND a ton of great deer fencing on the side of the road that I will be able to use come spring. I do have enough. You have enough.

4) Sometimes it IS nice to buy something. In Nov my aunt took me to lunch and to my favorite country type store and bought me lovely early Christmas presents. All told the outing cost her about $100. I felt like queen for a day. I had forgotten how nice it is to get something new that I wanted. I realize that I NEVER, hardly ever, splurge on myself to the tune of $1oo. I'm not thinking I need to do this a lot, but really, $100 2x a year won't kill me.

There is nothing inherently wrong with stuff. It's the overabundance of stuff that becomes a problem. I think we all need to strike the right balance of stuff within ourself that considers our needs, budgets, moral implications (whatever that is for you) and what will and will not truly make us happy.


Krista said...

I didn't but a lot last year, either. I stopped updating because each month would have been "I didn't buy anything new this month, either."

When I told my SIL I was going to do the compact she said :How is that different from what you do any other time?" lol

Christine said...

I know Krista! Maybe we had an unfair advantage!