Thursday, August 11, 2011

Oh man! I wrote all this text and then when I published it, it dissappeared... This is where I was today.
I just can't add the text again tonight. Damn. More to come!


Meredith said...

OK, I am dying to know where that is!!!!!!!!

Christine said...

Hi Meredith! It's actually 4different wineries on Seneca Lake. Miles Wine Cellars, Herman Weimer, Anthony Road Wine Company and Fox Run Vineyard.

Anthony Road is the one with the best gardens and the pine trees. And the one my own garden is based on, not that anyone else could tell that because my garden doesn't look anything like it. But the wine maker there is all about local food/produce and built the garden so that you could go in and taste and smell and learn. Hence all of the white plant markers. It's really one of my favorite gardens ever. It's really inspiring. Most of the pics are there.

Miles, with the big columns, is my favorite actual Winery.

Herman Weimer, with the planters, grapes for sale and simple but eleganty planters and simple entrance is one of the best winemakers on Seneca. The wine is simple and good too. It's all quality there, but expensive.

Fox Run, with the big wine barrel and russian sage(I took that pic to remind myself that I love Russian Sage.) is a beautiful building. The wine is ok, and appeals to everyone.

There you have it. I had more to say but then I went on Vacation and now I have posts about that!!!