Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Two Book Giveaway!!! Lily of The Nile & Poisioned Kisses by Stephanie Dray

 This past weekend I hosted a wine and cheese party to celebrate my dear friend Stephanie's novel Lily Of The Nile.

I provided the venue, the cake, and the girlfriends and Stephanie provided a feast of a party that would have made Cleopatra proud.

For an account of our weekend you can check out Steph's blog.

We had fun, we ate delicious food & Stephanie gave her presentation, "Bad Girls Of The Ancient World."

I waited to read this book until after her presentation because I thought some of her informaiton would add to the experience of the book. I was right!

And this book rocks!

Ok, you know that the author is my friend but people, this is a great book! It's artfully written and meticulously researched. The characters are so so real. The story, completely compelling!! It's getting awesome feedback just about everywhere! Check out the comments on

Stephanie also writes under the pen name Stephanie Draven and her novel Poisioned Kisses was recently nominated for an award!

And one lucky person is going to WIN 2 OF HER BOOKS RIGHT ON THIS BLOG!!!

I'm giving away signed copies of BOTH Lily of The Nile and Poisioned Kisses to one luck reader.

The contest runs from RIGHT THIS SECOND until a week from THIS SECOND....

How to enter!!

Just leave a comment on this post and I'll randomly choose a number and the comment that corresponds to that number will win both books.

You can find Stephanie's Website & Blog Here and you can also follow her on Facebook!

Good Luck!!!!


Raven said...

Oooh!!! Yes, pick me, pick me!!! I remember when you posted about this party. I have added the book to my wishlist, but I LOVE to win it first for free. (So glad you had fun and enjoyed your party!)

Toni said...

Woohooo!! So sorry to have missed the gathering :(. The books sound so intriguing and I am in need of a good read!!....not really digging the e-book thing as much as I thought...miss the feel of a book in my hands and my fingers on the pages....

Toni said...

I hope what I wrote previously becomes visible

Toni said...

How many times can we comment??

Kathi said...

How exciting...always up to read a new book from an author I haven't read yet. Thanks for the chance.

Christine said...

As many times you want to without being spam!!! ;-)

ACW said...

Christine, what a wonderful friend you are to Spephanie! All that work that went into her visit, and I bet you did it all in pearls and with a smile on your face!
Would love to win the books!

Christine said...

Thanks Anja.

Remember Stephanie is an author (of fiction!!!) She made me sound better than I really am ;-)

fromscratchmom said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. And I'd love to check these books out. Thanks for posting about it!

ACW said...

I am commenting again because I would really love to win those books!

ACW said...

Ok, creepy level alert... there are a little over 12 hours left on this giveaway, so I'm risking getting spammed and commenting again how much I would love to win the books :-)

Also, Christine, a while ago I was temporarily without a blogger account and couldn't comment, so I emailed the blog email address instead. It was in response to the post where you talked about stopping by peoples houses and how that's gotten lost in today's world. My apologies, in retrospect I think that might have portrait me as weirdo.