Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dear oh Deer

So along with my ax to grind with, I killed a deer tonight.

No kidding.

On my way home from work, while driving on the expressway, a deer ran out in front of my truck. I swerved to miss it. Luckily no one was in the other lane because I didn't look before I swerved. I hit the deer with the front  drivers side corner of my truck. The whole truck shook and the deer was tossed to the side. It was dark out and the cars seemed to be driving so fast and I had that whole anxiety thing where your arms get all heavy and it's hard to breathe after stress thing. And I didn't want to stop on the darn shoulder of the road.  I got to my parents house because I was picking up my girl and checked that I was ok and so was the truck.

After assessing that I WAS ok, my dad asked "Did you kill it" and I answered "I sure hope so." Because I hit it hard. So hard that I spent the rest of the trip praying that the deer died on contact. (Well that and crying)

The funny thing is, usually when I got to work, my husband leaves me the car in the morning and he takes the truck because I have considerably farther to drive and the car gets better gas mileage.  He took the car this morning. After he left today he called for a minute about something and I said "Hey, why did you take the car today" and he said "Oh...I don't know."

We have an older Chrysler 300 that has a really pointy nose. So pointy that it would have scooped that deer up like a spatula and deposited it on my windshield. On the drivers side.

I think that's why he took the car today.

I think my guardian angel was watching over me.

The deer's angel, however, was nowhere to be found.

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Meredith said...

I am so sorry that happened! I am glad you are ok.
I hit a deer once too and it was just horrible.
It is my experience that our gardian angels look out for us especially in car related incidents.