Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Battening Down The Hatches!

Winter is quickly approaching here and my 76 year old house, while full of charm and high ceilings, is also quite drafty and cold! In an effort to conserve energy and cash I am looking at ways to make things a little more toasty without having to turn up the thermostat!

We have these cute little windows in our closets?!?!? They serve no purpose (although do let in nice light to see with during the day) and they have absolutely NO insulation or storms. Our closets are typically markedly COLDER than the rest of the house. Last night I installed window insulation over them and I can see a difference already! I am also going to do this in the 2 windows in my 3rd floor office. (one of which is very pretty and decorative from the outside but gets ICE on it during the winter!) I probably would not do this on normal windows that everyone sees but if you did, I can imagine it would really make your house warmer. The kit (which I already had from my old house) costs $20 for 9 windows! (Big windows I might add, I was able to cut the plastic in half) And using the blow dryer to help seal the plastic gives a satisfaction that is akin to popping the bubbles on bubble wrap, it's fun!

I'll also be making bean snakes for the doors out of material that I already have. The doors are original to the house but some seem to have been planed to accommodate the seventies shag carpet which once covered my lovely wood floors.

I've added outlet and switch plate insulation to some of the outlets and switch plates on outside facing walls since when I put my hand near them I could feel an actual DRAFT. A package of 8 is under $2. I am planning to finish off the ones I didn't get to last year.

My kitchen is rather new but I noticed there is a gap between 2 cabinets that you can't see but also lets a draft in. I'm thinking of filling it with that expandable foam, Good Stuff, but I may just stuff it with foam packing material to avoid the mess and cost.

I'm also thinking of replacing the weather stripping on the doors but I haven't decided if I'm that motivated yet. I do need paint for the dining room so I guess I'll be checking out weatherstripping supplies while I'm there.


lianna26 said...

Well doen my friend! I know its not "pretty" but I would seriously think about covering all of your windows with plastic. My family and I have been using plastic on our windows for YEARS- especially on big picture windows. No one can really tell once you use the hairdryer and if it saves you $$$ and keeps y our house form being drafty - the who cares ? :)

Christine said...

I would consider it if I actually used curtains-my downstairs is just valances. You know though, perhaps I will do them in the bedrooms. Because the thermostat is in the kitchen (don't know what GENIUS came up with that plan) the bedrooms are quite cold if one is cooking (or has cooked within the last few hours.)

lianna26 said...

Good idea! Actually that's where we used them most was in the bedrooms, got rid of those cold drafts in the room brrrr. And yes my old thermostat was also on the same wall as my stove so if the stove was on you would freeze!!

Teamcarbone said...

Great tips and yes most of them are easy and affordable. Now that I'm home during the day I've notice there are some drafty spots. We worked hard this fall to update our wooden storm windows and I do feel a difference now that they are on and have been re-glazed. I probable wouldn't put the plastic on my windows either because I have no curtains either and again I'm home and like to look out the windows. BTW that is another great way to keep your house warm, invest in some thick curtains and close them at maybe I should take some of my own advice. LOL