Thursday, March 27, 2008

I look like who???????

Ok I did this online thing with my picture to match me to which famous person I look like. (And yes, I was NOT surprised that it is saying I look like Christie Brinkley ;-)

At any rate please note that they appear in the order of the % match to my face, with the top left person being my closest match. I'm finding it SUPER ODD that my closest match is an ASIAN WOMAN. A 78% match (Christie was only a 72% match)

Please note I have nothing against Asian women. I just don't think I look like one.

Then I did this thing where you put your child's photo up with you and your partners picture and they tell you who the child looks more like. Well if you know me you know I think she looks very much like me. The darn meter said she looked like us both equally! (perhaps because my child does not look 78% like an Asian woman.)

Look now you can watch me morph into an Asian woman.

And yes, I do have better things I could be doing with my time this evening.

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Teamcarbone said...

Hey thanks for sharing that was pretty fun. Umm not sure why they came up with an Asian woman for you though...