Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Parenting Observations

Get Your Geek On

I think maybe we're doing our daughter a disservice. Tonight after dinner she asked if she could "PLEASE PLEASE stay up until 8 to watch Antiques Road Show."  (This may be from the lack of Cable TV here.)

Mind you, we don't really watch that, though I do think it's pretty interesting when I catch an episode. The disservice that I'm talking about is that we're turning this child into a walking talking GEEK!!!! Because we looked it up online and there are about 14 seasons of that show. She can watch Antiques Roadshow for the next 2 years if she wants to. She and her daddy sat on the "antique" church pew for ambiance (I AM NOT KIDDING YOU) and the two of them ooed and aahed over paintings and vases. 

Enjoy the Ride

If you know me, you know I like to ride. In the car. Talking to someone about something. Most often with Leighanne. Or rocking out to something I love myself. I've been listeing to a lot of the Zac Brown Band lately. So today we were almost home from Wegmans when one of my favorite songs came on and that little something was in the back singing her little heart out. So much so that she asked me to drive past the house so she could hear the song. Again and Again.   Another little gas gulzzler born.

Tooth Fairy

Excuse the picture, my crush on The Rock is showing
 The tooth fairy is coming to our home soon. And  I don't really know the rules. In my day, there was money ($1) under the pillow. It was pretty exciting.  But now... Well, kids get all kinds of things (not just money.)  and all kinds of cash.  For instance, I think $5 might be ok but I only have one child. I KNOW there are other people giving $1-that doesn't seem fair now does it? And then this evening she asked me "When you were little was there only one tooth fairy or a lot." I said there was only one. But what do I know, maybe other parents are out there telling stories about legions of fairies building teeth cities or something... (hey that would be a cute story!)   

This is why I don't like pretend things in real life..Like Santa. I don't get all creative with pretend things. That damn Elf on the Shelf completely took me by surprise and there I was trying to come up with a plausible reason why we had no elf watching over her. "Well honey, Mommy was late to the party on that one, having not been to Barnes and Noble early enough."  hmm.......no....

Moms out there who are doing all this extra crap around these pretend entities, I just want you to know that you are simply ruining it for the rest of us.

Someone please put out a memo on $ protocol for the tooth fairy and I'll just follow it.....


The Fine Art of Motherhood said...

Oh my gosh -- this whole thing cracks me up! I mean, the sitting on the antique church pew watching "Antiques Roadshow" -- but hey, you are fine-tuning her to be able to have a great eye for picking out antiques -- that could be very valuable to her later in life!! And the image of you belting anything out in the car or anywhere else, boggles the mind. I love that you girl is going to be a rewinder like we were!! And the tooth fairy thing... Ugh -- yeah, that can get dicey, especially with more than one child in the house! Some tooth fairies bring "things" instead of money. I think I remember a friend of ours started a bracelet or something (not of teeth - eww...). You got a $1? I got a 50 cent piece, or maybe I got a dollar, but it was a silver dollar -- I remember it was always a coin.

Christine said...

Complete Geeks....I figure I'm training her for the garage sale circut with the show.

I like loud music when I am ALONE....Must I explain this all again. I cannot HEAR you in the car (or anywhere else.) when you are talking with loud music on.

Oh heavens, a bracelt. Do we need a keepsake now because a child is doing something that everyone does-loses teeth.... Heck, I'll probably keep the teeth, but seriously....

Yes, $1. My mom was always a little overindulgent. ;-)

Kristin said...

Amen! I have BIG issues with the Tooth Fairy. I would rather it didn't even visit my house. My plan right now is to give a gold $1,00 coin. The issue I have is that yes the first tooth is a major step into the next stage of life however they still have 19 more to loose!

Christine said...

Yes, maybe $5 is a bit much for 20 teeth. Unless I make her put it in her savings account ;-). I am SO no fun!

My in-laws just gave her 2 of those gold coins, damn. That was a good idea!

Kristin said...

Hey what did you decide to do??? I still think you could use the coins. Good luck!