Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Pioneer Digs!

Today we went to Laura Ingalls Wilder Day at the Genesee Country Museum today and got to see our pioneer cabin for October.

It was rustic!
I'm getting the idea that we aren't really prosperous pioneers.
Bridget thought we had the wrong house.

But then we walked around to the other side.
The bed. (it's across from the kitchen) The first thing I noticed was that YOKE and the BUCKETS. Do I have to wear that thing? Is trekking water men's or women's work???? Later Deanna said "Did you feel the bed? You better feel the bed!." So I felt the bed. Full of straw. I hope they change that straw. Oh well. I probably get to do that.

My kitchen! My husband asked if he would get to cook and they told him a big fat "NO". So I guess this is ALL MINE. I didn't get a good picture of the food drying and hanging from the ceiling. That looked like fun.

Another corner of our humble abode. I'm guessing that the girl who actually knows how to card that wool next to her doesn't come with the cabin. I hope I get to spin because I actually have always wanted to learn to do that. If I could spin some wool and then knit it into something that would be neat wouldn't it!!
Now for the animals. I don't think that guy is the caretaker so that is up to my husband. That is our chicken coop. There was also a pig. They told us that my husband will be taking care of the animals. He mentioned to me later today that he thinks those animals smell. Oh well buddy, too late, there is no going back now!

They don't look smelly do they????


Prairie Rose said...

How much fun this would be!! For a weekend, of course... :) No longer!

Deanna said...

When my girl was trying her hand at doing laundry on the washboard there, a little boy was next to her scrubbing away, and he said, "This is TOO HARD! This is woman's work!" I was tempted to say something like, "Yes, the big men can't do the hard work like the women do!" But I thought it would be lost on him. I should have looked around for his mother! I never thought about the fact that your hubby won't be able to cook -- he'll be going through withdrawal!

Christine said...

Oh my! How scary that even a young boy thinks wash is "woman's work" I think I would like to find his mom too. And slap her.

Anyway, yes, I think he liked the idea of open hearth cooking. Perhaps when he's done feeding chickens, slopping the pig and chopping wood, he can stir something for me.