Saturday, June 23, 2012

Deer Proof Gardens

Deer Proof Gardens.

Is there any such thing? Not usually, in my experience.

But I'm giving it a valiant effort this summer.  I'll admit, it did cross my mind today that I miss my vegetable garden quite a lot. But in the midst of all of my deer proof plants I planted 2 tomato plants-You know, just to see. And I had to laugh when I went outside today and one of them was lopped right off! With deer proof plants all around them. (Apparently you really can't have everything in life all at one time. It's funny how mother nature often teaches us life lessons that we'd probably learn faster if we just observed & listened.)

So far, my deer proof gardening success consists of this bed right next to the back door of my house. It's deer proof mostly because of it's location & the fact that I've been vigilant about spraying the hydrangea with Liquid Fence (which you cannot spray food you are going to consume.)

There is also lavender, moon flower (which are crazy beautiful when they bloom-I've had one so far) and lantana (but you can't see them from this angle.) and some pineapple sage.

Inpatients which are the pink flowers that you can see above are flowers I usually don't bother with-They always remind me of the 1980s since that is ALL that seemed to be planted in my neighborhood growing up) but perhaps I've underestimated them. I got them for free and proceeded to completely neglect them until they almost died, so that I would feel justified in throwing them away. But my husband watered them and brought them back to life and by then I felt like I couldn't throw them away...They are workhorses though-Bringing patches of color and growing quickly and are usually really cheap. (Even when they aren't free.)

And also this mixed boarder next to the driveway. (You'll have to excuse the picture quality, I've been playing around with Instragram lately.) At any rate, this bed is truly deer proof. I was pretty ruthless last fall when I removed anything that the deer routinely destroy.  I'll update this post as the summer goes on because there is all kinds of stuff in here that you can see from both sides and I only took it from this angle. But this bed makes me happy every morning when I go to work or water it and most evenings when those garden lights are going on.

This bed contains:

Lady's Mantle
Bee Balm
Lemon Balm
Russian Sage (which is going to be too little to make much impact this year, but will be awesome come next!)
Rose Campion (which must taste like poison to deer because they NEVER eat this-That's the silvery plant with the pink flowers-This plant is also super easy to take care of and spreads easily, but is not invasive.)
Purple Cone Flower
Daylily (stella d'oro)
And there are a few more whose names I can't remember and flowers who haven't bloomed yet.

My other gardens are not looking all that great yet (lots of rain and sunshine and no mulch, means lots of weeds) but I'm having no trouble with deer with the following:

Dill (delicious wonderful fresh dill....)


Ellie Kings said...

You're so talented Chris! Maybe I should hire you to plant flowers around my heart so my soul can smell them always! I know sometimes I didn't answer comments, I'm sorry, I was just overwhelmed with grief. But I do remember you checking in on me and motivating me even with just a how r u. You're very thoughtful! I'll be catching up on my reading & hopefully writing more soon. Hugs dear friend!

Christine said...

Ellie! So happy to see you here and always checking in on you. Glad to know you're still out there holding on. My thoughts are with you more than you know.